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  • Norman Lim

New Divers' Armoured Plate Carrier

Designed for the use of the Aqualung Amphora and the Draeger LAR 7. The plate carrier allows for the hanging of the re-breather system either in the forward chest location or the back of the operative. Designed with removable waist stability belts and quick release shoulder system tested to 12 kg per anchor point, 8 times the weight of the 7kg system.

Testing of shoulder anchor points

High drainage cumberband with nylon webbing. The system is modular so that equipped cumberbands can be swop without the need to replace pouches and equipment attached to them.

Modular system with quickie placards to allow rapid swop of equipment mounted rigs. Clip on rig tested to carry up to 30kg of load, allowing for the attachment of dog harness for parachute operations.

Removable Shoulder buckles and heavy duty load bearing attachment systems for carrying specialised equipment and stow

age of cables.

Comes with quick release one point system. Can be optional for left or right hand side release, double up as locking point for cumberband anchor in the stowage behind.

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