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Fral supports Xin Jiang SWAT

Xin Jiang police special constabulary has tested, shot and ordered ultra strong Swiss calendered Kevlar based Sestan Busch Helmets due to the highest multiple hit capability of the superior shell of this Advance Combat Helmet compliant helmet, ordered and delivered to the US Military.

However, as Croatia has joined the European Union, the continued supply of this unmatched is not halted till all embargo is lifted in the near future.

The superior composite and contruction layup of the Swiss made prepreg is evident that after 9 hits, none of the bullets from the SMG shot from 4m even caused any dents in the helmet shell, showing up its static and dynamic stability. 3 shots were shot side by side one inch apart failed to deform the shell's integrity and shape.

None of the competition comes even close. Case Closed.

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