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  • Norman Lim

Fral designs new Mineblast resistant Trainer Seats

Fral Ballistics, in co-operating with APC Industrial Services and Sim's Engineering developed and produces a new detachable mine resistant seat for trainers for the new Singapore Armed Forces Infantry Fighting Vehicle HUNTER, that is slated to replace the aging Bionix platform.

The system incorporates several unique features:-

- Anti Roll Over Injuries Features

- Lateral and vertical swing limits

- Collapsible upper backrests

- Quick release emergency escape mechanism

- Mine Blast force mitigation up to 16kg TNT at 1m

- Removable when no trainer is required

- Easy On, Easy Off design and anchor system

- One man portable lightweight design

- Attachment of fire extinguisher

- Ergonomic seat and back design

Due to the classified nature of the project, no photos can be posted on public domains.

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