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Fral Ballistics Develops new TarfTex toughened fabrics using real ballistic materials

9th June 2018

Fral and another Singaporean anchored company, enters into development and adaptation of multiple threat fabric system, named, TarfTex, for use in civilian applications of what has been used by Fral Ballistics for bullet resistance and knife resistance armour products. Its a product technology line expansion for Fral Ballistics that is behind HydroFlex, NanoRepel and RidBlade technologies.

The aim of the partnership is to capitalize on the strength and history of both companies to produce new generation of products that will be cutting edge over the mundane usual materials like Nylon, Cotton or Polyester.

The use of trend tracking methodology and the high tech nature of the newly developed spun nature of the polymer micro mono-filament consolidated yarns of Fral Ballistics' inherent technology, the teaming can be useful to make commercially available what used to be only for the selected few in the military and para-military markets.

The fabric will have strong tear and cut resistance as well as inert in nature to discourage the growth of microbes and aimed at making robust consumer products in the near future. It will also be available in 10 different colours using a new method of doping, thus, highly resistant to de-colourisation.

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