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Fral Ballistics Delivers 100% Pantone and NIR camouflage print for use by Singapore Armed Forces

Following the development of modular system of load bearing, armour bearing, skeleton gear bearing system in 2012, Fral Ballistics with partnership of new government initiative in SiChuan Industrial Cooperative partnership, developed and successful printed the colour tones compliant and NIR compliant fabrics on Nylon for colour fastness level 4 to 5 for the unique Singapore Armed Forces 4 colour camouflage system. All 4 colours are within the specified NIR reading range for the full spectrum specified by the army.

Photo displayed is hand printed silkscreen, some over printing is unavoidable as its not mass produced yet. This is probably the only fabric that is 4 colours all compliant and colours that match the existing fabric samples issued by the Army to match.

Fral Ballistics is further experimenting printing on TarfTex, a proprietary hot-melt woven high tensile strength polymer fabric 4 times the tenacity of nylon 66. Should we succeed, we will have ballistic performance materials for new generation of camouflage fabrics with high inert nature and high cut and tear resistance, putting more mileage for the investment ......reinventing the future for soldier gear systems.

Fral - Tech in the textile.

Dark Green Near Infra Red readings

Light Green Near Infra Red Readings

Khaki Near Infra Red Readings

Medium Green Near Infra Red Readings

Round fabric, left, Army issue uniform reference fabric, right, hand printed silkscreen test patches on nylon fabric.

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