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Fral Ballistics Group of Companies
  • Founded in 2007 by Norman Lim, inventor of Colloidal Armour, Ridblade antistab fabrics, NanoRepel Trauma mitigation technology, CERMET weldable ceramic metal composite and ARMOUREX nanometric crystalline steel
  • Part of Mercatus Capital and Jo Hanly Associates portfolio of companies
  • SINGAPORE - Sales Office, Laboratory
  • CHINA - Global Production Base
  • Guangzhou Vest and Sewing Facilities
  • Hangzhou associated sales and coordination Office
  • Hunan Guanxi fiber, unidirectional film, pressing and hard armour production centre
  • Customer base -​
Singapore  *Israel *Philippines  *Morocco  *USA  *Malaysia  *Hong Kong  *Indonesia  *Croatia  *Brunei 
  • China  *Kuwait  *Saudi Arabia  *UAE  *Taiwan
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